• We have removed all plastic bag reels from our fresh fruit and veg aisle, and replaced them with brown paper bags. These bags are quite strong, and are ideal if you are able to keep them and re-use them on subsequent visits (until they become too worn out!).

  • For vegetables that cannot be sold loose, we have also replaced many of the plastic bags with paper ones. For examples, all our potatoes are now sold in strong paper bags. 

  • Many of our customers bring their own reusable bags for their purchases, but if you don't have a bag of your own, we have cardboard boxes available at the till.

  • Our Field Fare frozen range of loose fruit mixes, vegetables, pastries etc can be packaged in Field Fare's own-branded bags which are made with "totally degradable plastic additives". However, if you wish to avoid using these bags too, you are welcome to bring your own freezer-proof bags or re-useable containers (tupperware tubs, takeaway tubs). If you let us know at the till what product you are intending to put in each container, we can then weigh the empty container before you fill it, and deduct the weight cost of the container once you have filled it with goodies. (So you will not be charged for the weight of your own packaging.)

  • Our in-house artisan bread is sold without plastic packaging, and can either be wrapped in your own materials, or in the brown paper bags provided.

  • If you want to avoid buying milk in plastic containers, you can source your fresh milk from our in-store milk refill station and take your milk home in a glass bottle. The pasteursied, non-homogenised milk is supplied from a local dairy farm on Hayling Island.

  • If you are buying eggs from us, we are keen to have the empty boxes returned to us after use, as we can re-use and re-package them.


We will continue to make more revisions and changes to our shop to help reduce plastic waste and allow our customers to shop in a eco-friendly manner. We have some exciting ideas planned, and this page will be updated with more information in due course (including a Zero Waste Refill Station).

We are keen to reduce plastic waste here at Southbourne Farm Shop, especially when it comes to single-use plastic. We have made several changes to the shop to help achieve this, as have some of our suppliers. Several of our local fruit and veg growers for example deliver their produce to us in reusable boxes, which we empty and then return to the supplier. Here are some of the changes that we have already implemented, along with some ideas on what our customers can do to help.

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