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  • Southbourne Farm Shop

You may have spotted two new arrivals in the field adjoining our car park; Harry and Honey are six-month old sibling Highland Cattle, and they've settled in very quickly in their new home. They are very docile, and likely to wander up to the fence if you come and say hello. They are also enjoying the company of our Hereford cows and horses.

Harry and Honey at their new home at Southbourne Farm Shop.

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  • Southbourne Farm Shop

From 19th July, Covid-19 regulations are changing. While the Government has indicated that they recommend "that people wear face coverings in crowded areas such as public transport", we also feel this would be a sensible option while shopping indoors as well.

Given the continued presence of Covid-19 and the fact that many people remain vulnerable or unvaccinated, we would like to encourage our customers to continue wearing a mask when visiting our shop. It is essential that we all help to protect the local community, and we want to ensure that our customers can still feel confident in visiting the Farm Shop.

We will continue to have hand sanitiser at the door, and to monitor numbers at busy periods. We appreciate your support.

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  • Southbourne Farm Shop

Toats Mylk is produced on Rushmere Farm using oats grown on the farm. Where possible oats are milled fresh from the most recent harvest for a creamy mylk with a natural sweetness that works a treat in your tea or coffee, or poured over your cereal. Made with all natural ingredients (British oats, water, sunflower oil, sea salt, and Cornish seaweed), Toats Mylk is an ideal dairy-free and sustainable alternative to cow's milk.

Toats Mylk is now available from our new Refill Station - fill a 1 litre glass bottle and you can reuse it again and again, thus avoiding unnecessary packaging waste. It's great for your own health, and for the planet.

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