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Written by nutritional therapist Emma Bulbeck.

Food is a wonderful source of nourishment for the entire body. Did you know that the brain is a very nutrient-hungry organ? It should therefore be treated with the upmost care. There are lots of things we can do to support our mental health.

What we eat every day can have a definite effect on our mental wellbeing, but unfortunately the typical western diet promotes inflammation (depression is thought to be an inflammatory condition) and nutrient deficiencies, and also increases the permeability of our gut lining (also known as leaky gut). There is no “one size fits all” approach to nutrition, however our diet should consist of plenty of quality foods from the food groups below.

Vegetables and Fruits

Aim for as much colour and diversity as possible (eat the rainbow). By doing so you will be providing your body with plenty of fibre, which is needed to feed and grow the bacteria in your gut. These bacteria are responsible for optimal digestion and nutrient absorption.


These foods contain complete ranges of amino acids (the building blocks to protein). Amino acids are required for healthy neurotransmitter function (like Serotonin for example), often referred to as our happy hormone. If you are vegan make sure you combine your protein sources to ensure you get a complete amino acid profile or try things like Tofu or Tempeh.


Fats are essential for our bodies to thrive; did you know 60% of your brain is fat? Nuts and seeds are a great source of healthy fats, but you can also try olive oil, coconut oil, eggs, olives, and oily fish (Salmon, Mackerel, Anchovies, Sardines and Herring).


Fill your diet with slow releasing, low GI carbohydrates such as beans, pulses, and grains. This is better than highly processed carbohydrates like pasta, bread, and cereals. Even starchy root vegetables contain great complex carbs (celeriac, parsnip, sweet potato, squash).

Are there any key vitamins & minerals that could help?


Zinc is the second most abundant mineral in in the human body (after iron). It is present in high concentrations in regions of the brain associated with emotional processing, and a lack of zinc has been shown to have negative effects on mood. Try eating lots of beans, pulses, seafood, nuts, and seeds.


Magnesium is often referred to as “natures tranquiliser”. It is fantastic at reducing anxiety and boosting mood. It is needed for over three hundred biochemical reactions in the body. It is also rapidly depleted in times of stress and in those regularly consuming alcohol. You can find magnesium in your leafy green vegetables (chard, spinach, pak choi).


A lack of Iron can contribute to depression as it works with dopamine (one of our neurotransmitters) which helps in mood regulation. It can be found in chicken, turkey, quinoa, lentils and peas. Did you know plant-based iron is poorly absorbed but combining plant-based iron rich foods with Vitamin C increases our absorption rates significantly. https://www.emmabulbecknutrition.co.uk/

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  • Southbourne Farm Shop

We are very pleased to announce that our Zero-Waste Refill Station is now open at Southbourne Farm Shop. Over 40 products are available in Gravity Dispensers and Scoop Bins, allowing you to buy these items without the use of plastic packaging waste. We have brown paper bags available, or (better still!) you can fill your own containers.

Our electronic weighing scales are able to weigh your empty container first of all, and then deduct the weight from the total cost (so that you are only paying for the contents inside). Staff are on-hand to help with the process.

The refill range includes dried fruit, nuts, chocolate-coated treats, pasta, rice, lentils, porridge oats, granola, coffee beans and lots more. All the products in the Refill Station are cheaper to buy than if you were to purchase them prepacked; we really want to encourage as many of our customers as possible to use this new system, so that we can reduce the amount of prepacked items that we sell.

The full list of products available at launch can be found in our May 2021 newsletter (via the link below), along with instructions on how to use the Refill Station.

May 2021 Newsletter

Our new Zero-Waste Refill Station stocks more than 40 different products.

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  • Southbourne Farm Shop

Spring is a great time for us to refresh our shelves with a selection of new products, and we've come some amazing offerings to make 2021 more delicious (and sweet-smelling too).

Pocketful of Stones

We have an outstanding selection of local gins, but when we tried these offerings from A Pocketful of Stones distillery in Cornwall, we couldn't resist adding them to our range. Marmalade Old Tom Gin, Danedelion & Burdock Gin, and Cornish Dry Gin are available now in 70cl bottles, complete with dazzling labels.

The Book & Bucket Cheese Company

We stock a broad range of cheese sensations, and our latest arrrivals are a selection of artisan cheeses from The Book & Bucket Cheese Company. The range includes Burns (Dorset's answer to Halloumi), and Hardy's which is a signature hard cheese. We also have the rich and creamy Wilde cheese, made with locally foraged wild garlic.

The Brook

Our first batch of plant-based frozen ready meals from The Brook proved such a hit, that they sold out within a few days. We are now restocked on Jackfruit Rendang (pictured), Mushroom Bolognese, Mac & Cheese, and Lemon & Herb Seafood Cakes. All vegan and incredibly delicious: plant-based feasting at its best.

Shore Scottish Seaweed Co. Shore are growers and processors of natural Scottish seaweed, aiming to make seaweed a sustainable plant-based food. The range includes 3 flavours of Seaweed Chips and gluten free 100% plant-based pestos. Seaweed boosts your diet with protein, fibre, magnesium, calcium, & iron.

Southsea Bathing Hut

Not everything we sell is edible; here's a new range to refresh your senses! Portsmouth has a lost heritage as a soap-making city, and Southsea Bathing Hut has sought to rekindle that history with a range of amazing body care products. We stock hand made soaps, body lotion, coconut oil, body scrub and more. All cruelty-free, vegan and eco conscious. The scents are incredible!

And coming soon...

In May we will be launching our new Zero Waste Refill Station, filled with over 40 amazing products including cereals, snacks, nuts, pasta, rice, and coffee beans. We can't wait to add the range to our shop.

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