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2021 is here

2021 has arrived, and although we are still very much in the thick of it nationwide with the Coronavirus, let us hope that as 2021 progresses that the situation improves. We are open as usual, and continuing to operate our Home Delivery service for people aged 70 order over, with underlying health conditions, or having to self-isolate. We also offer a food collection service, which is available to everyone. More information on our Food Ordering Service can be found via the link below.

The coming week will bring a return of many of our products, after the limbo period between Christmas and New Year. Artisan bread returns on Tuesday 5th January, as does Johnsons Fishmongers. We are generally not having difficulties sourcing any of our usual products, despite the pandemic and the turmoil of Brexit.

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Happy new year to all our customers and suppliers.

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