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Zero-Waste Refill Station

We are very pleased to announce that our Zero-Waste Refill Station is now open at Southbourne Farm Shop. Over 40 products are available in Gravity Dispensers and Scoop Bins, allowing you to buy these items without the use of plastic packaging waste. We have brown paper bags available, or (better still!) you can fill your own containers.

Our electronic weighing scales are able to weigh your empty container first of all, and then deduct the weight from the total cost (so that you are only paying for the contents inside). Staff are on-hand to help with the process.

The refill range includes dried fruit, nuts, chocolate-coated treats, pasta, rice, lentils, porridge oats, granola, coffee beans and lots more. All the products in the Refill Station are cheaper to buy than if you were to purchase them prepacked; we really want to encourage as many of our customers as possible to use this new system, so that we can reduce the amount of prepacked items that we sell.

The full list of products available at launch can be found in our May 2021 newsletter (via the link below), along with instructions on how to use the Refill Station.

May 2021 Newsletter

Our new Zero-Waste Refill Station stocks more than 40 different products.

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